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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

A podcast exploring old episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounding it. Jokes are made. Tangents are had. Its fun.

Dec 21, 2018

We're doing something a little different for our last Off Week of the year: instead of covering season 44, we're watching Scrooged instead! Starring Bill Murray and written by Michael O'Donoghue. What fun!

Dec 15, 2018

Our old friend Eggnog is back to help us celebrate the William Shatner Christmas episode! There's Star Trek talk, old photos with Oliver North, a complete disregard for Weekend Update and holiday cheer out the wazoo!

Dec 8, 2018

This time around we're bringing Maine Justice to a modern-day classic! Can we withstand the excellence of what is quite possibly the strongest second half the show has ever produced? Shut your butts and tune in to find out.

Dec 1, 2018

We're heading back to Season 2 for an old-school holiday classic! Does it hold up all these years later? An intense discussion unravels the mystery. Within, we discuss the nature of Candice's performance, just how over or underrated Belushi and Radner are, and Frank Zappa's amazing performances.

Nov 22, 2018

We're exploring the big topics this week as we revisit the November episodes from 2018 under the bizarre, nebulous lens of "Negativity and SNL". Did we get anywhere with it? That's up to you, intrepid listener.