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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

A podcast exploring old episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounding it. Jokes are made. Tangents are had. Its fun.

May 17, 2024

Here we are! We're closing out the seventh season of That Week with the season finale of S24 and we've once again brought Jon Schneider along for the ride. Join us we cover one of the horniest episodes of sketch comedy ever produced and battle over the musical legitimacy of the Backstreet Boys!

May 3, 2024

It's another classic Ebersol era Weird One as we wind down one era of the show and build up the next (and beyond) with a record five people showing up in this one before they became cast members. You got Fernando on Update. You've got a mini-epic with the Turkey Lady. Spinal Tap! Soupy Sales! Lets go!

Apr 19, 2024

It's time for Fridays once again and this time, we've got William in tow! To get the full scope of this one, we needed two separate versions of the episode but it's all worth it just to see that magical moment when Rich Hall bombs harder than anyone has ever bombed in sketch comedy history. Elsewhere, we really run...

Apr 5, 2024

No, this isn't a rerun. This is just the tenth time John Goodman is hosting the show in as many years but thankfully, it just may be his finest outing ever. Join us as we explore this intensely dark outing from the last few months of Adam McKay's reign over the show and maybe, just maybe, learn a little something about...

Mar 22, 2024

It's time for another infamous episode and thus we'll need the combined forces of both Arthur Meyer AND Jon Schneider to help us get through this one. Despite being a huge ratings boost for the show at the time, this one has long been since viewed as one of the  worst episodes of SNL...but is it ALL bad? Join us as...