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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

A podcast exploring old episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounding it. Jokes are made. Tangents are had. Its fun.

Jan 26, 2019

Few hosts are as hard to get a bead on as Jason Patric is. Is he uninterested in hosting the show? Is it all a big put on? Is it somewhere in the middle? Join us as we attempt to unravel the mystery.

Jan 19, 2019

This week we're exploring a fairly important episode for both SNL and us! Not only is this the one that got us back into watching the modern era of the show but it's also Sasheer Zamata's first episode as well! Join us for all sorts of mispronounced names, hot takes on Rahat and more!

Jan 9, 2019

Four years ago, in another place, on another podcast, we first talked about SNL on microphones. It was supposed to be a reoccurring segment for a radio show we once had but it never took. This week, we're taking a look back at this little experiment of ours and seeing just what the hell it was.