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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

A podcast exploring old episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounding it. Jokes are made. Tangents are had. Its fun.

Dec 23, 2022

The threat of apocalypse hangs over every moment of this decidedly chilly Christmas episode of SNL so we've called upon the dual forces of Tim Barnes and Ian Abramson to lighten things up a bit. It's the last stand of Michael O'Donoghue's vision for the show and as usual he never fails to bring the goods, with...

Dec 16, 2022

Before SNL, before the movies, before the sitcoms, Jan Hooks and Bonnie & Terry Turner found themselves working on an obscure Atlanta based sketch show called Tush. Who was Bill Tush? Where did he come from? Why did he have a sketch show? We dive deep into the fascinating history of the man and his show.

Dec 9, 2022

Fever and sickness grips the studio as we boldly attempt to cover one of the most influential and well-known episodes of the show's history. Will Andy's cough medicine gag crash against the rocks of Timmy's all consuming chaotic energy? Will William ever get a word in edge-wise? Is this SNL episode actually any good?...