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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

A podcast exploring old episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounding it. Jokes are made. Tangents are had. Its fun.

Sep 30, 2022

We're kicking off our sixth season of the show with special guest Tim Barnes to explore the beginning of the show's Silver Age, Lorne's second attempt to reboot the show after returning. It's the first episode for Phil, Dana, Jan, Kevin and Victoria and somehow, with no REAL credited musical guest, also manages to...

Sep 16, 2022

We return to the New Show, possibly for the last time. Seemingly nothing has defeated us as much as this episode did, which mostly squanders the talents of John Candy, Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon. We do finally get to talk about Roy's Food Repair...but at what cost?

Sep 2, 2022

It's 1995. We've got Eddie Murphy right before the Nutty Professor. We've got Wes Craven right before the Scream films. We've got them coming together to make a modern vampire horror-comedy. That all doesn't matter though because John Witherspoon and Kadeem Hardison are the real stars of the show.

Aug 19, 2022

Before his return to SNL, Lorne Michaels made a small, rather inauspicious sketch comedy pit stop with 1984's The New Show. Lasting only a scant 9 weeks as one of the lowest rated shows of the season, the show nevertheless pointed towards the future of SNL itself, though no one knew it at the time. We dig into the...

Aug 5, 2022

Jon Schneider is back again to help us knock out the *other* Summer '76 episode of SNL! This one is hosted by a clearly boozy Kris Kristofferson so we try our best to get on his level as we muse on if he tanks the episode or not and debate the satirical worth of one of the show's most damning take on the...